40 Years

Bakersfield (CA) Chapter
Alma L. Nealy
Polly S. Warren
Mary C. Tomlin

Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter
Margaret Batchelor White

Denver (CO) Chapter
Myrtle Roane

El Paso (TX) Chapter
Jewell M. Greer
Lillian W. Crouch
Jean M. Jordan

Peninsula Bay (CA) Chapter
Cozetta Gray Guinn
Shalini Azariah
Sue Pharr Smith

Phoenix (AZ) Chapter
Martha Stewart

Portland (OR) Chapter
Johnnie Stokes

San Diego (CA) Chapter
Peaches Wynn

Waco Central Texas (TX) Chapter
Luwenda Pollard

25 Years

Alameda Contra-Costa (CA) Chapter
Lillian White
Terri Phillips-Bonner

Austin (TX) Chapter
Georgia Leggett Johnson
Brenda Kennedy
Sandra Talbot

Beverly Hills West (CA) Chapter
Evelyn Duckett
Cherie Martin

Channel Islands (CA) Chapter
Joan Mc Conico

Dallas (TX) Chapter
Velvora Dorsey Mc Griff

Denver (CO) Chapter
Ida Daniel

East Texas (TX) Chapter
Artelia M. Williams

Fort Worth (TX) Chapter
Theresa Brewton Lyons

Golden Triangle (TX) Chapter
Carolyn Linda Foutz

Harbor Area (CA) Chapter
Beverly E. Mosley
Maxine Ranson von Phul

Houston (TX) Chapter
Felicia Crowley-Rolfe
Emily Tait

Las Vegas (NV) Chapter
Lois Ellie Bolden

Mid-Cities (TX) Chapter
Cynthia Guidry
Avarita Williams

Oakland Bay Area (CA) Chapter
Katie Allen
Juliette Dunn
Barbara Hopper
Felicia Stuckey- Smith

Orange County (CA) Chapter
Maxine Jackson

Pasadena-Altadena (CA) Chapter
Hurlan Moundy

Peninsula Bay (CA) Chapter
Della Johnson
Carolyn Yarbrough Olive
Evelyn Sanders-Haye

Phoenix (AZ) Chapter
Joyce Daily Buford
Dr. Marjorie Kyle
Dr. Michele Halyard
Beverly Arrington
Dr. Rosalyn Baxter-Jones
Thelma Lovette Morris

Plano North Metroplex (TX) Chapter
Gayle Barge
Alma Coleman
Phyllis Gee
Pamela Highsmith-Johnson
T. J. Johnson
Helen Watkins

Port City (TX) Chapter
Judith Mazique

Portland (OR) Chapter
Patricia Walker

San Antonio (TX) Chapter
Kathryn Dorsey Harris
Dorathy J. Washington

San Bernardino Valley (CA) Chapter
Elizabeth Anderson-Sample

San Diego (CA) Chapter
Charise Council

San Jose (CA) Chapter
Natasha Joplin

Town Lake (TX) Chapter
Chiquita Watt Eugene
Beatrice Benson
Stacy Stewart

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