$19.46 Campaign

Alane Lillie

Alane Lillie

Representative to the Links FOUNDATION, Incorporated

Texas Spring Cypress (TX) Chapter

Invest in the Future of The Links Foundation, Incorporated

The Links Foundation, Incorporated is the philanthropic arm of The Links, Incorporated which has contributed more than $27 million to charitable causes since its founding. It also distributes grants to Links chapters to support innovative programming to local communities.

Call to Action:

  • Every chapter president appoint a Foundation Ambassador
  • Email the name of your ambassador to wafoundationrep@gmail.com

Every member contribute by 2025:

  • Every chapter member sign up for the $19.46 Campaign
  • Share your commitment on social media

Get started today:

  • Snap the QR code with your phone’s camera or click the link below
  • Select $19.46 Campaign Donation
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