‘2000 Boots on the Ground’

Five-year, Area-wide Initiative for Haiti

Feb. 20-25, 2018


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HaitiCampaignGoalsHaiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and ninety-five percent of the Haitian population is of African descent. Simply put, they need our help.

Because of Haiti’s 2010 Earthquake and United Nation’s workers from India infecting Haiti’s major river with cholera, over 750,000 Haitians are now infected with cholera. This situation is aggravated by substandard sanitation and infrastructure.

Water contamination from human waste in water used for drinking, cooking and cleaning continue to be a problem. Additionally, due to a multi-year drought caused by El Nino, 3.6 million Haitians now face a severe food shortage. Other major problems in Haiti are lack of employment, education and healthcare.

There are plenty of opportunities to make meaningful contributions to the people of Haiti.

Western Area Director Roxann Thomas Chargois envisioned a plan for every member of every chapter to engage and commit to “2000 Boots on the Ground: A Campaign for the People of Haiti” over a sustainable period of five (5) years.

Nearly half of the chapters in the Western Area are currently providing exemplary service to the people of Haiti. This is an opportunity to capitalize on the momentum already established. This campaign serves as a catalyst for providing every member of every chapter an opportunity to make a significant impact on the issues plaguing the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.

Haiti By The Numbers

  • 53% of Haitians are literate. Private schools have 80% of enrollments.
  • Haiti has the lowest rate of literacy in the Caribbean: Haiti (53%) Dominican Republic (87%) Jamaica (87.9%) Bahamas (95.6%) Cuba (99.8%).
  • 33% of Haitians never attend school in Haiti.

Primary School Statistics

  • Of the 67% that attend primary school, 20% drop out before 3rd grade.
  • Of the 47% that continue after 3dr grade, 20% do not finish primary school.
  • The average student to teacher ratio in primary school is 46:1

Secondary School Statistics

  • Of the 22% that continue to secondary school 16% drop out before graduating
  • 5% only graduate and do not pursue any further studies.
  • 1% attend college.

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