As quoted by Maya Angelou: “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

Patricia Ingram Protocol Chair

Hello Western Area Link sisters!

And, welcome to the Western Area Protocol Page! It is our goal to provide as much information regarding protocol to make the Western Area be the best at protocol.  Please check her at least weekly, so that the Western Area continues to be stellar in the administering of great protocol.

The Protocol Manual, as well are the Rituals Manual sets forth the conduct, processes and procedures we should follow in our observances and traditions. It reflects our sense of sisterhood, and it informs our conduct when we come together.

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Beverly Jones Rituals Chair

Rituals are a most integral component of The Links, Incorporated.  Our rituals offer pause within the organization, denoting significant markers and observances, all while symbolizing the soul of our mission and our purpose.  In the Western Are we are intent upon upholding the purposeful Legacy of those who came before us.  We will honor that legacy in the way that we remain reverent to the original intent of our founders.   We will maintain traditions regarding awards but we will also work to create new and innovative ways to honor the incomparable work of Chapter members who achieve longevity milestones as well as those who achieve milestones in service delivery.  Our Rituals and Ceremonies should and will rightly depict our organization as Western Area of The Links, Incorporated.


We will make certain that our Rituals and Ceremonies are aligned with and reflective of our organization’s brand.

We will assure that the alignment is transformational for each the National, Area and Chapter levels of Linkdom.

We will assure that alignment is also relevant where there is overlap and closely related to Protocol.

We will be purposeful as stewards of our Rituals and Ceremonies, to uphold the credibility of our Rituals, and to see that they are honored with all respect due.

We will provide the provenance for each Ritual, so that Link Sisters will understand the when, and why for.


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