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The National Trends and Services facet is tasked with eliminating disparities by reducing barriers to resources through advocacy, education, and service. Our chapters are empowered to raise their voices and transform the communities in which they work. The facet’s goals include increasing the number of sustainable and measurable programs; increasing collaborative partnerships; and extending our existing initiatives to include communities identified as having the greatest need. Currently, National Trends and Services encompasses the following programs and committees with national partners and sponsors, and serves as a catalyst for change, promoting individual and community empowerment.


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The Links, Incorporated is a national affiliate of Ally Financial andhas been trained on the Ally Wallet Wise curriculum to assist withconducting financial education workshops in communities nationwide. Wallet Wise is a free financial education program created by Ally Financial that teaches consumers the basics of budgeting and credit, banking and investing, and financing a vehicle. The curriculum includes classroom and online modules and is being implemented by Links chapters in 34 target markets. We use Wallet Wise as:

  • An introduction for those who have never applied for credit or created a budget.
  • A refresher on important financial topics.
  • A self-study guide for getting up to speed on personal finance for consumers.
  • A quick and easy-to-use resource when you have a question about personal finance.

In response to the growing opioid epidemic, The Links, Incorporated’s substance abuse program Project LEAD is focused on reaching th emost vulnerable populations disproportionately impacted by the epidemic. This national public health emergency is taking an increasingly heavy toll on black communities, and The Links, Incorporated is committed to doing its part to fight opioid abuse.

Using community forums, didactic lessons, and other modalities, we are increasing awareness about the opioid epidemic and educating our communities about addictive prescription and illicit drugs to prevent abuse. Our goal is to increase our communities’ capacity to fight and resist conditions that facilitate drug use and addiction.

The Links, Incorporated partners with AARP to provide tools and resources to support African-American women who are either preparing for life as they age or are currently dealing with the aging process. The program includes components for preventative measures during each specific life stage and provides health, wellness and financial support and services to the 50+ community.