National Trends and Services


The VISION of the National Trends and Services facet is to eliminate disparities by reducing barriers to services through advocacy, education, and service.

Our MISSION is to empower our chapters to positively impact the communities in which we work.

Our GOALS are to 1. Inform communities about the economic, educational, and social determinants which impact the overall health of the African-American community. 2. Provide evidence of the impact of persistent disparities on women and children in the areas of education, health, economics, and housing. 3. Influence the policy agenda on health, economic, and gender disparities which broaden the conversation and help deliver care for the health of the communities.

Currently, the National Trends and Services facet encompasses the following programs and committees with national partners and sponsors, each committed to the overall vision and mission of the facet. These programs an committees serve as a catalyst for transformational programs that promote individual and community empowerment.

Trash Talking: It’s No Joke!

bullyingTo bring awareness to the growing crisis of bullying, we are excited to introduce a comprehensive community anti-bullying program TRASH TALKING: IT’S NO JOKE! The goal of this initiative is to empower youth with the tools and skills to address bullying in all forms. Research shows that bullying adversely affects children’s mental health, academic success and ability to relate to other children according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The goals for this program are:

To enhance a child’s ability to avoid victimization
To enhance a child’s self-esteem
To reduce the feelings of guilt and blame associated with victimization
To promote disclosure of abuse and victimization
To enhance and coordinate community response
To enhance communication between parents and children about personal safety
To reinforce adult supervision and protection
To deter offender behavior

AARP Links Academy

AARPThe Links, Incorporated is partnering with AARP to implement the “AARP Links Academy.” This innovative, comprehensive program provides tools and resources to support African-American women who are either preparing for life as they age or are currently dealing with the aging process. The program includes components for preventative measures during each specific life stage and provides health, wellness and financial support and services to the 50+ community. The program is being implemented in eight target markets: Chicago, IL, Dayton, OH, New York, NY, Houston, TX, Los Angeles, CA, Atlanta, GA, Miami, FL, and San Antonio, TX.

Wallet Wise Program

AllyThrough our national sponsorship with Ally Financial, The Links, Incorporated implements the Wallet Wise financial literacy program. The Wallet Wise program is aimed at helping people make better financial decisions by providing them with information about budgeting, credit reports, and credit scoring as well as providing other tools in an effort to assist them in making informed financial choices. Chapters conduct Wallet Wise workshops using the curriculum developed by Ally Financial. The curriculum includes classroom and online modules and is being implemented in thirty-four target markets. A youth component to compliment the Wallet Wise program is under development.

Habitat for Humanity

HabitatTo address the need for affordable housing, The Links, Incorporated established a partnership with Habit for Humanity. The partnership set the groundwork for chapters to work collaboratively with local Habitat for Humanity affiliates, volunteer at Habitat sites, raise awareness about the need for affordable housing, and provide needed resources. The goal of the partnership is to engage chapters in programming that meets the priority needs of their community and is mutually beneficial to communities serviced by Habitat for Humanity and The Links, Incorporated. The Women Build program provides one of several opportunities for chapter collaboration.


NAACPThe Links, Incorporated has a long standing partnership with the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People that started with our founders. The Memorandum of Understanding between these two organizations provides an opportunity for chapters to join forces to advocate for change to ensure civil liberties are protected. Leveraging the NAACP’s Advocacy Initiatives and The Links Program Facets will forge a partnership destined to transform the communities where we work and serve.

Legislative Issues and Public Affairs

This committee is responsible for tracking legislation that impacts or directs laws which insure quality of life issues facing the African American community.
Current NTS programs collaborate with Legislative Issues to track program progress for validation of transformation within communities. Creating an ongoing dialogue with elected officials, the Legislative Affairs committee will make timely suggestions and recommendations which impact the amendment or development of key legislation, and provide the foundation for Western Area Program Initiatives.
The on-going dialogue and participation of Elected Officials through Link programs, provides a heightened awareness of the Links, Incorporated Organization as an active Leader in Public Affairs. It is the intent of this committee, to foster the implementation of Links Day at the Capitol in all ten (10) states in the Western Area.

New Initiatives:


BLMBlack Lives Matter

The Links, Incorporated joins the many organizations throughout the nation who continue to call attention to this very serious matter by launching a collaborative integrative program that will focus on solutions, education and awareness of the challenges and issues affecting youth and young adults as it relates to police action, the criminal justice system, education, and employment.
1. Provide the tools to empower students and their parents by hosting youth educational workshops or teen summits on a wide range of topics including police action, the criminal justice system, education and employment.
2. Increase knowledge of available information (e.g., Data and resources) regarding interactions with law enforcement, legal rights and the criminal justice system (in general) in the African–‐American community.
3. Provide cultural and educational learning opportunities for students and their families across the community by providing seminars that increase knowledge and awareness of the history and contributions of Africans As well as other cultures.
4. Develop a blueprint/template (Best Practice model) for expansion of community youth/teen workshop venues across the nation.
5. Develop modified and create new policies, procedures and practices that are monitored for equitable compliance.

Human Trafficking

The world of both labor and sex trafficking can be a dangerous and unforgiving place for the victim of human trafficking. The fight to release the victim of this modern day slavery does not only involve the victim, but the victim service providers as well. The Links Inc. has taken on the “Human Trafficking Initiative” in an effort to invoke community awareness education, legislative advocacy and assistance to non-profit service providers. It is the goal of the Western Area Human Trafficking Initiative Committee to link local chapters to non-profit service providers. Below is a brief list and description of local California African American led organizations. Although the committee has access to a national referral list, the committee is seeking the names of other African American led organizations within the Western Area that are in the fight for victim freedom. Please check-out and or contact the following organizations:

Mollie’s House/Safehaven (The founder was the recipient of the Services To Youth award at the Civic Luncheon in Sacramento.)
Located in Central California, Mollie’s House, is a non-profit organization, founded upon Biblical Principles, whose specific purpose is to serve young ladies who are victims of sexual trafficking.
Journey Out fights for the freedom and survival of victims in Los Angeles whose lives have been destroyed by commercial sexual exploitation and human sex trafficking.
Sowers Education is a national service provider that prevents human trafficking through victim education. Sowers education helps to break the emotional bondage between the trafficker and the trafficked. Founder Rachel Thomas is a survivor with an amazing story of being recruited off one our nation’s most prestigious universities.
The Virtuous Women Inc. rescues young girls off the streets of South Los Angeles and provides residential resources, mentorship, and family reunification. Rev. Deborah Mann (310) 270-7520

For further information or resource request please contact Link Stephany Powell at (818) 554-0072 or

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