Partnership Donations

Kimberly Brandon

Kimberly Brandon

Western Area Fund Development Co-Chair

San Francisco (CA) Chapter

Friends Transforming Communities Through Service

At the heart of our mission lies collaborative community partnerships, which have consistently yielded positive outcomes in underserved areas. We believe that by joining forces with organizations such as yours, we can amplify our impact and reach, fostering lasting change where it’s needed most.

We invite you to consider supporting our efforts, enabling us to strengthen our leadership, expand our community reach, and create meaningful change together.

Why Partner With Us

  • Grants and sponsorships provide support toward collective impact and strengthen ongoing grassroots work in local communities that we know best.
  • Our programs align with your commitment to social responsibility.
  • Opportunities to increase your brand awareness in key demographics with out influential members and in diverse communities throughout the western United States.

Your contribution will directly impact the success of our programs and initiatives, empowering us to continue our vital work in promoting culture and the arts, investing in our youth, confronting issues of national concern, addressing global needs, and tackling chronic health disparities. We are excited about the possibility of partnering with you and discussing how we can create a mutually beneficial relationship.

We appreciate your donation in support of The Western Area of The Links, Incorporated. We are pleased to offer two donation options.

Need a Tax Deduction?

If you’d like to have a tax deduction, click below to download the form.

Don’t Need a Tax Deduction?

If you don’t need a tax deduction, click below and you’ll be redirected to donate by credit card.